Saturday, March 13, 2010

Jon went to Glen Allan yesterday to pick up Granny Ruth. They got here this afternoon, and she's going to be spending the week with us. Savy couldn't wait for them to get here! Since we didn't make it there for Christmas last year (new baby and all that), Granny Ruth had presents to deliver. Savy had to put on this little dress-up costume from Aunt Lesa immediately...she was so excited to get her very own pair of heels too!

Lately, Savy's started kind of "freezing up" when she poses for a picture. Her smiles are so funny...kinda reminds me of some of the little girls on "Toddlers and Tiaras."

This one makes me laugh... not gonna win any pageants with that!


This one's cute.

FYI: I know it looks like she is wearing makeup in these photos, but she is not.

Savy and Granny Ruth

Savy and Granny Ruth watching Peter Pan and eating popcorn.


Ann said...

Savy is so cute. But the show toddlers in Tiara's is scary. I would never do that to a child. I accidentally flipped to that channel and immediately changed it.

Christy said...

I feel the same way! Definitely no pageants for us. When Savy is old enough to decide for herself, IF she says she wants to, then I'd consider it. I really hope she never gets into that, though.

Adam Holly Grace said...

Savy is so cute in her dress and high heels. I think her smiles are just darling. :)