Monday, March 22, 2010


My Saturdays to work are becoming father/daughter days for Savy and Jon. Savy has been wanting to go to a real circus for a long time, so when the circus came to town this weekend, Jon took her. She loved it, and it has given her LOTS of "pretend-play" material.

Savy had a great time! I think she really enjoys going places with her daddy...and the fact that she doesn't have to share his attention with her baby sis for a few hours.

I'm exhausted today! Scarlett hasn't been sleeping well for a week now, and last night it was really bad. She's stopped sleeping in her Amby bed, and last night she wouldn't even sleep in the bed with me. Now that she's moving around on her own, I can't risk falling asleep while she's still awake in our bed because she could roll off. I finally gave up and put her in her crib...that made her very angry, but at least she was safe. She alternated naps and crying for the rest of the night. On a positive note, Scarlett is eating better - thanks to Suzie for telling me about the Baby Mum-Mums! And she ate half a container of pureed pears last night. She still refuses to let me put her down for a even a few minutes. I swear, this is the most willful and stubborn baby in the world! If she keeps it up, she's really going to be a pill when she's older.

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Ann said...

Carolyn is been that way lately. Very stubborn. Wont go on potty unless we are out. Finally started a sticker chart. If she goes on the potty 20 times she gets to go to Holli's sweet tooth. I hope things get better with Scarlett. Keep me posted about Double Decker.

Glad Savy gets good Daddy/daughter time. Louis does that fairly often with Lauren when they have the Observatory planet observations on Friday nights.