Thursday, March 11, 2010

So, today I was standing in the local liquor store all depressed because I didn't get carded for the bottle of Sauvignon Blanc I was purchasing. Five years ago (at age 30) I would have most certainly been asked for my ID if purchasing alcohol - or even trying to get into a casino for that matter - but not today. So (while I was waiting for my change) I was sulking about how I'll probably start finding gray hair any day and I should probably decide right now if I'm going to color my hair or not and also thinking about switching to the anti-wrinkle products from Paula's Choice when my phone rang. It was my long lost BFF Dawn!

A little history...Dawn was like the sister I never had in high school...loved, loved, loved her to death and spent more time at her house than my own. Then she just up and disappeared...well, there's a little more to it than that, but I won't go into details. Anyway, she was gone - just like that - and I missed her TERRIBLY! I have wondered for years what happened and how she's been and all that stuff. She finally got on Facebook not too long ago, and we sent a few messages back and forth. And today she called me and we talked for an hour and it was so awesome to hear her voice! I can't even put it into's like I've just been waiting all these years to talk to her again, and now that I have, everything feels better....does that make any sense? We are going to get together soon great is that?

The weather was beautiful today! Scarlett got her first ride in the jogging stroller.

We bought this around the time Savy was born, and we have used the heck out of it. I really wish we had a double jog stroller now. Scarlett LOVED the walk, and it was a looooong one. It reminded me of when Savy was just a baby, and I'd put her in this same stroller and walk her all over the was the only way I could get her to take a nap. Scarlett stayed awake the whole time and just looked at everything and enjoyed the wind in her hair.


Nanny said...

Christy, you have such a way with words. I think that you should definitely write a book. You girl are a writer!! We love you!

Barb said...

That's a book I would most definitely buy!!! It's awesome that you got to talk to Dawn.. Personally, I believed she had fallen off the face of the earth many years ago!

And did I read correctly... that you'd "problably START finding gray hair"??? and "THINKING about switching to anti-wrinkle"???
ugggh.... I'm only like 28 days older than you and had to start all that 10 yrs ago!!!

Christy said...

Thankfully, I'm blessed with good genes. I've yet to find a gray hair (knock on wood) starting to get some wrinkles, though.

Maybe I will write a book about my life one day. There's certainly enough weird and/or funny stuff to write about. I'm envisioning a collection of short stories in the style of my favorite author David Sedaris...especially his book Naked...freakin hilarious!