Monday, December 21, 2009

When No One Is Looking

I caught Savy playing with Scarlett last night, and again this afternoon. Lately she hasn't really wanted us to see her playing with her little sis, but I was sneaky and snapped some pics.

Last night while Scarlett was in the exersaucer. Just look at Scarlett's face...she adores Savannah!

This was so funny...I caught Savy next to Scarlett on her playmat. She was talking to Scarlett as if Scarlett was able to answer her. When Savy realized I was there, she pretended to be asleep.


TheresainMS said...

So sweet! Mom has to be sneakier than Savy to get proof of her sweetness :-) Great pics!

Audrey's mom said...

That is the sweetest!