Sunday, December 6, 2009

First Solid Food

Scarlett had rice cereal for the first time tonight. She wore the bib Aunt Gloria gave her. Scarlett didn't want to cooperate at first....Savannah was the only one of us who could get her to open her mouth. She took a few bites, but didn't seem to care for it too much.

Here's a photo of the two of them before we started. I love the look on Scarlett's can clearly see she adores her big sister.

Scarlett also got to experience the exersaucer for the first time today. This was Savy's when she was a baby, and it was so cute seeing her show Scarlett all the "features" of the toy.

Here's Savy sitting under the Christmas tree...can't believe she's actually sitting still and cooperating for once.

And I finally got around to taking the photos for this year's wedding dress project. I decided to take photos of Savy, and now Scarlett too, in my wedding dress evey year on their birthday. Later on, I'll put the photos in a multi-photo frame so they can see themselves in the dress every year....from being way too big to actually fitting them. Savy was a little more cooperative this year than she was last year.

Scarlett thought the dress was pretty tasty.

Jon pointed out that you can see our wedding photo above Savy's head.


Nanny said...

All the photos were wonderful. I agree about the look on Scarlett's face. She looks like she adores Savy. That is the most beautiful Christmas tree!! Savy is growing up so fast. I think she gets more beautiful every day!

TheresainMS said...

Beautiful girls; these wedding gown photos will be treasures the girls will always be proud of. Great idea!

Adam Holly Grace said...

I LOVE the pics of your girls in your wedding dress! That is priceless and just perfect!:)