Thursday, December 3, 2009

It has been so hectic around here lately. Scarlett had her 4 month checkup on Tuesday...healthy and still in the 75th percentile for height and weight. Since her visit to the doctor, she hasn't been sleeping at night...maybe her vaccinations are the cause. Jon stayed up with her last night so I could get some much needed sleep...thank you, Jon!
At 4pm on Sunday (just when I thought I was almost done with work for 7 days), I found out the person who works opposite me is too ill to work. I'd just worked 7 days, now I'm working her 7 days, then I get to work my 7 days again...21 straight days of working without a day off. The triage nurse is working 3 mornings so I can at least get a few hours off. I'm grateful for that, but I really wish I could have a few whole days off. Oh well, extra Christmas money is good. At least I work at home!

We finally got around to putting up the Christmas tree Tuesday. Savy was so excited to see the ornaments. She reminds me of myself when I was her age...I loved playing with the Christmas ornaments when our tree was up.

"Crick" came last night...he's our "elf on the shelf." Savy didn't remember him from last year, and she wasn't too sure she wanted him here after Jon read the story to her.

Random shots taken with our second new camera, which is likely to be returned soon. I would post more pics, but blogger is so darned slow uploading pics today.


Nanny said...

Good pictures of the sweet little girls! But I can't figure out where the Christmas tree is. I see it is close to a door. But I can't figure out where. I saw green paint, maybe the office. Last year it was in the dining room, wasn't it. It is very pretty, and tell Savy she did a good job decorating it.

TheresainMS said...

Hey Christy, the girls are growing so fast! I can hardly believe it. Savy is slimming up and growing so tall so quickly; seems she noticeably changes with every post.

Sorry you've got to work so many days straight. You'll definitely be ready for a break at the end of that work streak. Like you said, the extra money is good at this time of year. I vote you spend some of it on you for working so hard :-) Hey, I can justify just about anything haha

Have a great day and try not to wear yourself out.


Christy said...

Nanny, the tree is in front of our front doors, between the columns. It's much easier to get to it there.