Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Yesterday I finally spent my birthday money (yes, I've been holding onto it for a while). I bought myself a sander - thank you Nanny and Lee Ottis! I worked on Scarlett's toddler bed this afternoon, and it's coming along nicely.

I've got the headboard and footboard done. Next is the bedframe and the siderails. Last, I'll do the canopy. It'll look pretty much like this...

but toddler size. That image is from Knock-Off Wood, and the plans for this bed are very easy to follow. I'm thinking I'll paint it charcoal gray...anyone have any other color suggestions?

After I bought my sander yesterday, we went to Best Buy to look at an iPad. Savy played with the demo for a while and has decided she has to have one. She spent all day scavenging for money...raiding every stash of change she could find. She came up with a little over $7. I wonder where she gets this obsession for gadgets.

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Nanny said...

Looking good, Christy!! I believe you are taking after your grandaddy. He loves to build also. Glad you got a sander! They are a life saver if you are building things.