Thursday, August 12, 2010

Savy started the first fall session of pool school Monday. She'll only go two days a week now. She's doing so good!

Scarlett started walking this week...anyone care to guess what motivated her? While Savannah was having her swimming lesson, Scarlett decided she was going to get in the pool too. She was standing beside me holding onto a chair, then she took off for the pool all of a sudden. It's like she didn't even realize she was walking...she just did it. I had to wrestle with her for the rest of the lesson - pool school is probably going to be a bit of a hassle now.

Savy had her first "Build-a-Bear" experience today. Lately she's been sneaking out of her room after bedtime and sleeping in our bedroom. Today I agreed to let her get a bear if she promises to stay in her room from now on. She chose a bunny...I didn't get a pic of the "stuffing" step. This is the second step - bath and brushing.

Then she picked the clothes...fluffy robe and bunny slippers.

Naming the bunny and printing the birth certificate. Her name is Hippity Hop.

Getting ready to take her home.

I'm still working on the bed. I should have already finished this project, but it's just too hot to stay outside to work on it. I'm having to just do a little at a time. I got the mattress supports finished today, and the posts for the canopy are cut.

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