Sunday, August 1, 2010

Birthday Girl

Saturday was Scarlett's first birthday. We had a small party at Mimi's house...cake, ice cream, balloons, presents. Savannah and Pappi couldn't wait for the cake and ice cream. - they were the first to the table.

Savy picked out the Care Bears cake a few weeks ago.

Here's Scarlett about to get her first taste of birthday cake...

Then she dug right in.

Savannah helped Scarlett open her gifts...and play with them.

Savy also got a few gifts so she wouldn't be jealous. Here's Mimi reading one of her new books to her.

Now that Scarlett's one, she can face forward in the car. We installed the new carseat today...she seems to like it.

I'm so excited about getting to start a new project! We went to Lowe's this morning to get wood, and Jon kept the girls entertained while I did all the cutting this afternoon.

Look familiar? I'm making the farmhouse toddler bed (plans from Knock Off Wood) for Scarlett. No, she's not ready for a toddler bed yet, but I want to have it ready when she is. Plus, making stuff is just therapeutic for me. I was only able to get the pieces cut today (too hot!) and lay them together to make sure everything's the right length. But that's the hardest part. Now all I've got to do is put it together, sand, and paint it. I'm also making a four-poster type canopy for the bed. It's going to be gorgeous (I hope) - can't wait to show you the finished product!

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