Sunday, June 13, 2010

Learning To Fly

Boy was it HOT today! I spent most of the day inside finishing up my last day of work, but Savy and Jon were out for a long time. Jon did yard work while Savy lounged on the patio.

All she needs is a cabana boy and a tiny little umbrella in her drink.

Later I heard Savy and Jon knocking on the front door and calling for me to come out. One of the baby swifts (living on our front porch) had somehow gotten onto the roof and then got stuck in a gutter. Jon saved him...Savannah thought she should keep him as a pet.

He seemed to like Jon...wouldn't get off his hand.

Jon finally got the little guy to let go and went to get the ladder (so he could put him back in the nest). Savy kept him company.

As soon as Jon had the ladder set up and reached down to get him, the little guy started fluttering around. I guess the parents were trying to teach the babies how to fly today. He got back into the nest all by himself. Savy's so disappointed she couldn't keep him as a pet.

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Ann said...

so adorable. The birds and Savy. She looked like she was on a beach somewhere saying waiter may I have another.