Saturday, June 12, 2010

I'm almost done with this week, and I'm counting down the days until next weekend! I absolutely can not wait to see Dawn!!!

Savannah is still doing great. She's already tired of the cast, though. I drew a flower on it for her today.

We've been trying to fit some yard work in this week...planting trees, weeding, watering. I found this in one of the bushes in our front garden.

I first thought they were house sparrow eggs, but then I saw the parent in the nest. They're mockingbird eggs...I love mockingbirds :) And our swift babies are getting big under our front porch.

Miss Scarlett is quite mobile now and already following in big sis's footsteps - raiding the pantry!

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Ann said...

Scarlett is growing so fast. when are you going to come visit?