Sunday, February 14, 2010

Savy keeps saying "I really want the winter to go away" too! We are all sick of being cooped up in the house because of the cold weather. We were so bored this week that we went to the indoor play area in the mall. I'm not too fond of going there (GERMS!!!), but I was desperate to let Savy run around somewhere. She enjoyed it...there are always at least a few children there for her to play with.

Savy's becoming a girly-girl...well, sort of. She's still rowdy, of course, but she's starting to care about accessories, shoes, etc. Granny Ruth bought Savy a cute little leather purse in Epcot/Mexico when we were there a couple of years ago. I put it away until Savy was old enough to appreciate it, and she asked if she could have it this week.

Savy is also very anxious to wear these new sandals.

I'm partial to the silver ones, because they are similar to my favorite sandals...we can be twinkies! I'm on the lookout for a pair of red shoes in her size. This girl is obsessed with red shoes and has to try on every pair of red heels we see when we're out shopping. She's definitely a shoe-gal.

Mimi came to visit yesterday. We shopped and had lunch at Jason's Deli.

I'm glad Scarlett is able to sit in a real high chair now. I covered it up with our Floppy Seat and popped her in...she didn't fuss once. Dining out will be much more pleasant now!

Savy actually asked to borrow my alarm clock last night. Jon set it for 9:15 this morning and showed her how to turn it off. I didn't expect her to get up when it alarmed, but she did. She wants her own alarm clock now.

We exchanged cards and gifts this morning. Savannah and Scarlett both got their own cards and $5 from Aunt Lesa. Savy got a bag full of goodies from Mimi yesterday, and she had a balloon and box of chocolates from me and Jon. I'm not sure she likes the surprise inside aspect of the chocolates...Jon came in laughing a while ago and told me Savy had a "Forrest Gump" moment with her candy. She loves all her lollipops.

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