Thursday, February 4, 2010

Picture Time

Scarlett loves taking a bath, so I took advantage of her good mood and snapped some pics during bathtime tonight.

Just look at this hair! She has such sweet curls when her hair is still damp.

We tried to get some good shots of the girls together...Savy was being less than cooperative, as usual.

Savy's saying, "Ewww, Scarlett drooled on me!"

Savy looking stoned...

Scarlett looking stoned...

Not doing too good with the photography here....

Here's Savy in the middle of saying, "No, no, no...that's enough pictures."

Then, Jon told her she could have a lollipop if she smiled pretty for the camera.

This kid will do anything for candy.

1 comment:

Adam Holly Grace said...

Those are so good! Scarlett looks like she is posing in the bath. Very cute!!