Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm so tired of my wardrobe revolving around the 3 nursing tank tops that I own...2 black and one white. I wear one of those 3 shirts Every .Single. Day...along with one of two pair of sweat pants I bought after Scarlett was born. Today I decided to try on some of my old know, the ones I haven't been able to fit into since November 2008 when we found out we were expecting Scarlett. I just wanted to see how far I had to go before I could fit back into everything. Much to my surprise, everything fit..even my smallest pair of jeans that I wore just a week before we found out we were pregnant! I haven't been able to exercise anywhere near as much as I would like because of time and weather, so I guess breastfeeding Scarlett has made the difference. I'm still sick of my three nursing tops, but at least now I know I can wear all my old clothes when she's weaned.

I'll take that pat on the back now.

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Audrey's mom said...

You should go buy something new anyway just to celebrate. :-)