Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Relief For Teething Pain

I believe Scarlett is teething...I can't see or feel any teeth yet, but she is drooling all over the place and chewing on everything. We gave Savy frozen blueberry Eggo waffles when she was teething, but she was nearly a year old then. Scarlett isn't used to eating solids yet, so I'm afraid to give her anything she could potentially choke on. She doesn't care too much for teething rings either. I got the idea to give her some frozen blueberries in a baby safe feeder...the things with the mesh feeding bags. She loved it! She ate almost all the blueberries and wasn't fussy for a while after.

I'm going to try frozen banana and frozen peach slices too.

Savy had fun at AWANAS tonight. Tomorrow is her Valentine's party at school...all her little valentines and treats are ready and packed in her backpack. She let Kiki borrow her favorite blanky's Kiki all tucked in.

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