Saturday, October 24, 2009

Zoo Boo

We went to Zoo Boo last night at the Memphis zoo, and Audrey and Jennifer went with us. Savy has a Cinderella costume for halloween, but she didn't want to wear it last night. I let her put together her own costume from the closet and "dress-up" clothes, and this is what she came up with.

She said she was the tooth creative is that?

Here are the girls in the van before we left...they were so excited!

And here's everyone just before we walked to the zoo.

Everything was decorated for halloween, and there were trick or treat stations all over the zoo where the kids were given candy.

There was a hayride driven by "Jason".

Savy enjoyed it, but I have to say that it paled in comparison to Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyworld last fall.

When we left the zoo, we went to Old Venice for a late dinner. Then we went back to the zoo after dinner to look for Jon's wallet in the parking lot. Believe it or not, he actually found it, and everything was just as he left it.


Ann said...

Looks like Savy had a blast. Love the tooth fairy costume. I am glad Jon found his wallet. It was great seeing you to day. You have too beautiful girls. I will post the pics I got soon on my facebook page. There is a really good one of me and Scarlett and a cute one of Lauren and Scarlett with Carolyn standing in the background.

Christy said...

I'm glad we got to see you guys, too. Sorry Savy and Scarlett were cranky...we've had a busy weekend.

TheresainMS said...

I love the tooth fairy costume! That is very creative; those tights are too cute!

Glad y'all had a good time at the zoo and all turned out well with the wallet. What luck!

That pic of you and Jon is good; you two are so cute together :-)

Have a great week!!

Audrey's mom said...

This was such a fun night! I'll never ever forget the infamous parking lot where the girls learned how to "go" outside. Sometimes you just gotta go! LOL!