Monday, October 26, 2009

We took advantage of the nice weather yesterday and did some outside chores. We pulled some weeds, and Jon cut some 2x4s for a project I'm working on. Jon also hunted black widows...I lost count of how many he killed. I have a personal vendetta against black widows, so I tried to help find as many as possible. Savy did some hunting of her own...just look what she found.

This girl shrieks at the site of a beetle and won't even go near a ladybug, but she has no problem holding a bunch of earthworms in her bare hand.


Ann said...

Lauren has a container full of dirt with an earthworm in it calling it her pet. I hope that you found all the black widows they scare me. That and brown recluses.

TheresainMS said...

Ugh! I'd much rather face a ladybug than a worm :-) She's definitely her own person. Glad y'all had a good outside day. Some of us were stuck inside :(