Thursday, October 22, 2009

Yep, I actually had time to do TWO posts I was tired of moping around the house, so Savy, Scarlett, and I went into town early to kill some time before pool school. I didn't find what I was looking for, but Savy had lots of fun trying on hats.

Savy just before swim class

Savy learning proper technique

Scarlett was being cute. She gets very disgruntled if I'm sitting nearby but won't pick her up. She was fussing and frowning and wouldn't take her eyes off me, so I got out the camera. Apparently, she liked the until the end where she gives a big smile.

For anyone who was doubting that Scarlett will have curly hair, I took these tonight at poolside. It was so humid in there that Scarlett's hair started curling.

Just look at those curls!

I didn't get a pic of my new horrendous haircut. I'm still quite upset about it...even more so now. I'm guessing she cut off about 5 or 6 inches...Jon estimated about 4 inches. Regardless, it's going to take many months to grow it back to the length it was. If you want some idea, go into the archives and look at my August 1st post with the last pic of me pregnant. That pic was taken the day Scarlett was born. I haven't had my hair cut since then, so it was actually longer than in that pic when I had it cut today. It is now barely shoulder length. Yes, I'm obsessing about just makes me SOOOOO mad!!!!


Nanny said...

Scarlett's hair looks just like yours used to when it got damp or wet. After looking at the pictures, I think for sure that she is going to have curly hair just like yours. Little Savy was getting with that swim class, wasn't she? She looks so cute in the big hat. When we first got to your house Monday, she tried to tell me something about the hula hoop being too big. If I run up on a smaller one I'll get it for her.

Adam Holly Grace said...

Savy is doing so good with her swimming! I am impressed! Any Scarlett's smile it the BEST at the end of that video. That will make ANYONE smile!