Sunday, October 4, 2009


Just one more day of work...I can't wait for my week off! Today I got some of Savy's old clothes out for Scarlett to wear. This was one of my favorites - Paul and Tracy got it for Savy on their trip to Disneyworld...see the Minnie Mouse on the chest?

Here's Savy wearing it when she was itty-bitty

And here's Scarlett wearing it

Savy's getting so creative. She found a couple of buttons in my sewing kit and decided to use them in an art project. She made this sculpture out of playdough and used the buttons for eyes. She showed it to me and said "it's Coraline."

Pretty good likeness...don't you think?

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TheresainMS said...

Oh my, the girls are getting so big! I love that Savy's starting to get creative and think 'outside the box'. The sculpture is fantastic; definitely an abstract artist in the making. Scarlett looks so cute; that smile is precious. I can hardly wait for y'all to visit Mimi at work; my hands are itching to hold Scarlett :)