Friday, March 25, 2011

Strike A Pose

I've got a lot of catching up to do on my posting! The weather has been so nice this week, we've been staying outside as much as possible.

Savannah went to Katie's Sweet and Sassy birthday party on Sunday. This was Savy's first time there, and she LOVED it. They did a great job with the party, and all the girls had fun.

First all the girls got to choose an outfit. Then they got their hair and makeup done. You can't see Savannah in this shot...she's on the far left end.

The "do".

Getting her nails done.

They played freeze-dance.

Then everyone got to walk the runway for a fashion show. Savy was in rare form - she really worked it!

Group photo

Monday was beautiful and sunny, so we went to the playground. I think Scarlett could swing all day long.

Savannah realizing she's not quite ready for the monkey bars.

Scarlett is quite a little climber.

Yesterday the girls both got haircuts.

I can't say this is Scarlett's first haircut - we all know Savannah did the honors on that one. But this is her first "professional" haircut. She was such a big girl!

I have to brag on myself again. Yesterday I completed Week 6 Day 3 on C25K...that's a 25 minute run with no walking. It wasn't bad at all, probably because it was so cool yesterday. According to the application on the i-phone, I ran just under 3 miles without stopping.

More good news - the reactions at my injection sites are getting better. For over a week now, there's a lot less swelling and redness, and it doesn't sting nearly as bad now.

I'm so excited about seeing Jennifer this weekend! She's going to be doing family photos for us on Sunday, and I can't wait to see her!


Nanny said...

I believe Savy is a natural for that runway modeling. She is so cute. I told Debbie she looks like a little angel.

Miriam said...

Christy, what a great blog you have put together! Very Cool! I agree with Nanny; Savy looked completely at home on the cat walk!