Thursday, March 17, 2011

Life Is Good

I am so proud of myself! I've been dreading week 5 day 3 on the C25K program - it's a 20 minute run with no stops. I did the 5 minute warm-up, then I started the run thinking I'd just try to make it to the halfway point before I stopped. When I heard the prompt say "10 minutes left," I was ok, so I thought I'd see just how close I could get. And I finished it without stopping! I really didn't think I'd be able to do it - yay, me!!! Jon and I are both on the same day for C25K now. What's even more surprising is that I actually beat Jon's time for the 20 minute run.

Jon rescued a turtle from the road yesterday. Savannah ran to get her Dr Seuss book so she would know how to take care of him.

He's not too happy about being her pet. Don't worry, he'll be set free at our neighborhood pond tomorrow....hopefully Crazy Pete will go with him.....

Don't forget to donate to our team for the MS Walk on April 2nd - please support CHRISTY'S CRÜE!

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