Saturday, September 25, 2010

The New Do

I took Savy to Le Bella yesterday to fix her DIY haircut. It's actually pretty cute - like I said, she didn't cut it super short in any places, so at least there was a lot to work with.

It's all shoulder length, except for the front "bangs" she cut. They are too short to go behind her ear but so long they cover her eyes - so she'll have to wear a barrette until they grow a bit longer.

I hated to see her long hair cut off, but she loves it and it's definitely easier to care for now.


Nanny said...

It is actually pretty cute. I hated to see her pretty long hair cut off also. She looks especially cute in the second picture. I don't know why, but most little girls cut their own hair at least one time. I know your mom did, but I can't remember whether you did or not. I hope she didn't get a spanking. Maybe just a stern talking to so she won't do it again.

Ann said...

Lauren cut her hair when she was about 4 also. So far Carolyn hasn't but who knows. I love her haircut and it is easier to fix. I cut Carolyn's in a bob a while back just because she wouldn't keep she hated for me to put anything in her hair.