Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Been So Long

Wow, it's been so long since I posted that I actually had to re-login on my blog. Last week was another busy work week, and we've been super busy around here this week. Monday Jon and I (mostly Jon) did some serious yardwork. Jon dug up all the evergreens that were dead/dying and put brand new crepe myrtles in their place. I moved around some smaller plants and pulled a LOT of weeds...two wheelbarrows worth of weeds, actually. We aren't completely finished yet, but here's a sneak preview of the front garden.

To fully appreciate these pics, you would have needed to see the garden BEFORE we did all this work. It was in very bad shape since Scarlett has been demanding all my attention this year....haven't been able to keep on top of the weed situation.

I've been working inside the house too. I hung these little herb crates on the wall beside the doulbe ovens a couple of weeks ago. I used to keep all my recipes stuffed inside one of the kitchen drawers. Jon told me one day that I needed a better way to "organize my recipes." Once I stopped laughing - Jon telling ME to organize something! - I went out and picked these up at Hobby Lobby. One holds napkins and the other holds my recipe cards.

I also decided to tackle the coat closet this week. Yes, we have the little "mini mudroom" by the garage door, but our real coat closet is by the front door. It was terrible...crammed full of coats, bags, get the idea. It only had one crappy wire shelf that was sagging because it wasn't even installed in studs. So I tore it out, patched the holes, and repainted. Then I installed braces (in studs), put a real shelf over the top, and hung a new heavy duty rod. I really wish I'd taken a before pic.

I hung the rod as high as I could (and still be able to reach it) so I could put in a shelf at the bottom too. I even added a piece of molding to the front edge to make it look nice.

It has a weird shape, so I had to get out the jigsaw...took about three tries before I got a perfect fit.

Now I just need to get some of those fabric storage bins to sit on the shelves for all our stuff...scarves, gloves, etc.

It's not completely Martha-tized yet since all the hangers don't match, but I'll be picking up some new wooden hangers soon.

Savannah and Scarlett have been pretty good today. Here they are helping me sweep.

Kiki even came inside to play for a little while today. Here's Scarlett chasing her, intent on putting her in the doll stroller.

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Nanny said...

Soooo! glad to see the new post. Have really missed it. You are the most talented person I have ever seen when it comes to building and repairing things. The girls look so sweet.alanqu