Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's Been One Of Those Days

Scarlett woke up at 6 am this morning - I think I've mentioned before that she wakes up earlier and earlier each passing day of my week off. When I was stumbling to her room in the dark (half asleep), I kicked a moving dolly that Savannah had left in the middle of the living room and hurt my foot pretty badly. It's going to be black and blue and swollen for days, I'm sure.

Some idiot nearly ran me off the road on the way back home from dropping Savy off at school this morning. Funny, they had a sticker on the back of their SUV that said "911 is my business"...drumming up business for 911 by running people off the road?

And the finale - well, I shouldn't say the finale YET....after all, it's only 5 pm. While I was trying to get a VERY fussy Scarlett to take a nap, Savannah decided to give herself a haircut.

She's quite pleased with herself. I guess it could have been worse - at least she didn't cut it super-short in any places. I'll be taking her to the salon tomorrow (if they have an opening) to get a bob.


TheresainMS said...

Oh my! I sure hope tomorrow goes better. I'll bet Savy will be darling with a bob. You may not have been planning on her having it cut that short just yet but... It's amazing how some decisions are taken out of our hands sometimes :-)

Hope the foot is better soon; hang in there!!

Christy said...

I've actually been thinking of cutting it shorter but just couldn't bring myself to get her long hair cut off. She said "I wanted short hair"...her idea this time.

Ann said...

Both my girls got Bobs. So much easier to manage. Lauren doesnt like me to fix her hair so she picked a chin length bob for herself and she LOVES it. Hope your foot gets well soon so you can come visit me in Oxford!

Adam Holly Grace said...

oh my! Like you said atleast she didn't totally chop whack it off:). I saw the new pics. I think her hair looks very cute!