Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm still busy, busy, busy...I feel like there's just too much to catch up on. I was so glad to finish up my week on Sunday. The storms kept us up for 2 nights with the constant tornado warnings. The houses in the front of our neighborhood flooded again, and the subdivision just down the street had several large trees down and some damage to at least one house that I've seen. Our "storm shelter" is the pantry because it is the only interior room and it's under the staircase. After several rounds of getting Savy and Scarlett out of bed and moving them to the pantry due to tornado sirens, Jon finally threw some pillows and blankets in there and made them a bed. He even set up our small television in there so we could watch the weather updates.

I finally finished the room swap. Savy's room is pretty much the same as before, just reversed now. I had every intention of painting it a pretty color and making it really different with new bedding and everything, but I just lost steam. She still liked her decor anyway, so I guess there was reallly no need to change it yet. I did make her the special surprise that I promised, though. She's been wanting one of those mosquito net canopies for a while now, but she wanted a big one. Knowing how much she loves to hide, I figured she'd enjoy it more if it wasn't see-though.

Ta-da...instant hiding place. I put it over her pottery-barn kids chair, and she now has a very private reading corner.

She can just close it around herself. I didn't let it drape all the way to the floor because I was afraid she'd be more likely to accidentally sit on it and pull it down.

This was super easy to make. I used a hula-hoop for the ring. It was water-filled but had a rubber connector, so I just pulled it apart and poured out the water. I purchased three curtain panels (these are $9 per panel from WalMart) and put them on the hoop. Then I closed the hoop back up...if you can't find one with a rubber connector, you could just cut it then duct-tape it back together. I looped some ribbon around the hula-hoop between the curtain panels to make a hanger (used a little glue to keep them in place) and hung it from a swag hook. Savannah loves it! I'm going to get some little butterflies and flowers to pin on the drapes.

We moved Scarlett's crib into her new room yesterday, and she slept in her very own room for the first time last night. I was prepared to be up with her all night, but she surprised me. She went right to sleep when I put her to bed. She only woke up once around 4 am for a feeding, then she went right back to sleep and didn't cry again until about 7 this morning. She went to sleep without a fuss tonight too...keeping my fingers crossed!

I just have share this before I quit for the night. Savy came in the other night with her little toy tool box to "fix" Daddy's chair. It was so cute the way she was concentrating so hard and checking every little thing. She was really getting into character...

...right down to the "plumber's crack."

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Nanny said...

You are so creative, Christy. You can do anything!! I love the picture of Savy working on Jon's chair. She was really getting into it. She is so sweet. Her new room looks so nice. Beautiful bed spread!! Love you!!! Beautiful canopy too!!