Sunday, May 23, 2010

I've accomplished most of what I needed to this house, finishing projects, etc. The only thing I didn't manage to fit in was some time for relaxation. Guess that'll have to wait until my next week off, because it's back to work tomorrow.

I caught Savy and her BFF Kiki playing dress up earlier this week...can't remember what day it was. Kiki is so good-natured, and she puts up with stuff that most cats wouldn't. You definitely won't see Ezra letting Savy put a big flower on his neck!

Nanny and Lee Ottis came to visit us on Friday. Lee Ottis just happened to bring a sander with him, and he sanded the shelf and bench I made for Savannah.

Savy and Vita played tug of war.

Scarlett enjoyed the nice weather too.

Here are my finished projects. The shelf is just a little crooked, but it works well enough. It's perfect for her collection of Starbucks bears and a few other things. Savy and I stuck all the glitter stickers all over it.

I made the bench so Savy would have a place to sit and take off her shoes when she comes in the house. She was in the habit of sitting in the middle of the hall as soon as she walked in and taking off the shoes. That drove Jon crazy because she's usually in front of us, and we'd have to stop and wait on her before we could go on in. This way, she's out of the way, and her shoes fit nicely in the bottom.

Another "mini-project" - a shelf made from a pallet to store my gardening stuff. It fits perfectly on the window sill.

By the way, I got the ideas for all those projects from Knock Off Wood. There's a link on my blog list to the's my new favorite blog!

Savy talked me into getting her a water gun this morning. She couldn't wait to get home and terrorize Vita with it. Luckily, Vita is also extremely good natured.

A picture of my new favorite plant...a bonfire begonia.

I loved to read when I was little (still do), and I saved most of my old favorites. Since Savannah is so in love with books now, I decided it was time to pass them down. I dug them out of the upstairs closet today and gave them to her. She was very excited and had to look at them right away. She can't wait for her bedtime story tonight.

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