Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me

Another work week I have 20 more minutes until my week off. It's been busy. Savy started pool school on Monday. She'd forgotten a lot of what she learned last year (we took the winter off), so I put her back in the level she had been in before. Thursday, her teacher said she's definitely ready to move up, so it's all coming back to her. Just look at this jump - fearless!

If anyone is wondering if Savy is a good big sister, here's your answer. I'd left Savy and Scarlett playing in the den for a few minutes. Apparently, Scarlett was sleepy, and Savy put her in the little recliner and tucked her in for a nap.

I can't believe Savy got Scarlett to go down for a nap - I can barely get her to take a nap!
Here's another pic...Savy in the crib with Scarlett for a nap.

Yesterday was my birthday. Here's one of my presents...these awesome canvases made from some of the photos Jennifer took. They look great! I'm going to hang them this week.

My delicious (and pretty) birthday cake and cupcakes.

And here I am on my 36th birthday. I don't look a day over 25, right?


Nanny said...

That's right! You don't look a day over 25, if that much. I couldn't believe you are 36, when I started figuring up when you were born. I knew you were born in 1974, but then I got to doubting myself. I said you couldn't be 36. Anyway, you are the most beautiful 36 I know. Of course, i could be prejudiced! Who gave you the beautiful cake?

Christy said...

Jon got it for me...the cupcakes were for Savy so she wouldn't feel left out.

Ann said...

The cake looks Yummy! Glad you had a great 36th birthday. No you dont look over 25 but I dont look like I am going to be 42 in July do I? I hope you come to Oxford soon. You know 40 is the new 30 so 36 would be mid 20's.

Christy said...

Ha, I like your math, Ann!