Friday, April 30, 2010

East Tennessee - The Highlights

Sorry I'm just now getting around to posting vacation pics, but I have worked my butt off this week! Not only was this my week to work, but I've been in the process of moving the playroom to the hearthroom, Savy's bedroom to the playroom, and Scarlett's room to Savy's old room. I can't believe it's Friday already...where did my week go?

Mimi, Pappi, and Savannah left on Sunday - a day earlier than us. Jon, Scarlett and I headed out on Monday and got there just as Savy was getting back from Dollywood. We didn't have time to do much other than grab some dinner. The next day it rained and was pretty cold, so we just did some shopping. We went swimming later that afternoon in the indoor heated pool. Here's Scarlett in her cute little bikini.

This was Scarlett's first swimming experience, and she seemed to really enjoy floating around in her inflatable starfish.

I went back to the room to get Scarlett warm and dry, but Savy, Mimi and Pappi weren't finished swimming yet. I inadvertently took Mimi's cover-up with all our stuff, so she had to use Savannah's little "Hello Kitty" towel to get back to the room...sorry Mom!

The next day started with feeding the ducks, of course.

We took advantage of the beautiful weather and went Dolllywood. Scarlett's first carousel ride.

We rode all the old favorites in the kiddie area. Savy was excited that Scarlett could ride some of the rides with her. Let me just say, it is not easy for an adult to squeeze into one of these bees....or the ducks either!

Jon didn't ride these teacups with us, but I did a pretty good job spinning the crap out of it...see how Savy's plastered against the seat?

This year Savy was tall enough to ride a lot of things she couldn't do last year. She loved the bumper cars!

Pappi looking all innocent...he couldn't wait for the ride to start.

See how Pappi is really going after us!

Savy's first ferris wheel ride. Mom and I are in the seat behind them...I knew Mom wouldn't move a muscle while we were on the ride. I wouldn't ride with Jon or Savy because I knew neither one of them would be still.

See...they are wiggling all over and rocking the seat!

And of course, Savy had to ride the River Battle...that boat ride where you shoot water at people and targets. We got SOAKED! Jon and Mimi sat on the sidelines with Scarlett. There were these A-holes on land shooting at see them toward the end of the video. I kept expecting Jon to tell them to knock it off....but no luck. Jon can be heard laughing behind the camera the whole time. He even shot at us once.

Scarlett's first trip to Bubba Gump's...Jon and I took her while Savy had dinner elsewhere with Mimi and Pappi.

I love Bubba Gump's, and we go there every time we're in New Orlean's. The one in Gatlinburg is fairly new, and this was our first time at this particular one. The food was good, but our server, Megan, SUCKED!!! We sat at the table forever after the greeter seated us. We were actually about to leave and trying to decide where to go instead when she finally showed up to take our drink orders. She didn't do the Forrest Gump trivia either...that's a biggie for me. I always kick butt on the movie trivia - I look forward to it every time and it's one of the main reasons I go there. But no, not this time. We finished our meal and waited for our check. And waited. And waited. She finally showed up again with the excuse that she was in the back eating a piece of pizza because she was starving...for 30 minutes? She totally ruined the "Gump" experience in Gatlinburg. At least we'll be going to New Orleans in November - I'm sure we'll eat at Bubba Gump's there, and it WON"T suck!

The next day was even more beautiful, so we drove across the mountain to the Cherokee Indian reservation in North Carolina. I really wanted to go back to Mingo know, the one that you have to hike up 161 steps to get to. I did this last year while I was very pregnant. This year I climbed them while carrying Scarlett on my hip. I must say, it was easier to climb them when I was pregnant than it was carrying her in my arms...that girl is heavy! I made it, though, and it was worth it.

I could stay here all day. It's so peaceful, and the air is just incredible up there....I love the smell.

Family photo

Savy just had to climb down and put her feet in the water. We tried to tell her the water was cold, but off came the shoes anyway - I wonder where she gets that hard-headedness from?
Bare feet in the water...

and right back out. See, it WAS cold!

Once we made it back down the steps, Savy decided it was time for a picnic.

After she finished her lunch, Savy sat on a rock in the water for awhile.

And Scarlett played with a beetle on the picnic blanket.

Views from Newfound Gap. I like this up&down panoramic with Jon's feet at the bottom, then the mountain view.

Savy makes a dandelion wish overlooking Gatlinburg.

Another restaurant experience...No Way Jose's. Jon ordered the "Muy, muy, Grande, grande" grilled steak burrito - nothing "muy" or "grande" about it. They brought out this tiny little thing, and Jon just sat looking dumbfounded for a minute, like he thought maybe it was a joke.

Fudruckers made up for the teeny burrito. This is the 1 pounder - aka Texas size burger.

The End.

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