Monday, April 5, 2010

No Babies Were Harmed In The Making Of This Post

Finally, beautiful weather on my day off! We went to the playground this morning. I thought Scarlett might enjoy the toddler swings, but she hated it. So she was content to sit beside me on the bench while Savannah played.

When we got home, I did some outdoor chores. Savy and Scarlett were playing nicely on the blanket...or so I thought.

Before you get upset, the clothespins were only clipped to her clothes. Scarlett thought the whole thing was pretty funny. Savy thought it was hilarious.

Later in the afternoon, we moved out to the yard.

Scarlett was determined to get a taste of grass.

I guess it wasn't as good as she thought it would be.

We had a great day!


Nanny said...

Scarlett has changed some more since we last saw her. When I see pictures it just makes me want to squeeze her. They are both so beautiful. I am glad the weather is getting pretty so they can get outside. They really seem to be enjoying it.

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