Monday, November 9, 2009

Our niece, Rosanne, was married this weekend, and Savy was a flower girl in the wedding. We left Friday around lunch for Glenn Allan. Savy was very excited about visiting with Granny Ruth and Aunt Lesa, and Scarlett was content and slept the whole way there. Lesa rented cabins at Leroy Percy State Park for out of town family. This was our cabin.

I loved the big screened porch looking out onto the water.

Savy took a real liking to her cousin Madlin...she stuck to her like glue.

Savy Friday afternoon before leaving for the rehearsal and dinner

They took most of the photos Saturday morning. This property was beautiful...Savy had lots of fun playing between shots.

Savannah and Rosanne

Rosanne was a beautiful bride. I was disappointed that I wasn't able to see the ceremony. However, I was the only person with her during her last moments before she walked down the aisle, and I'm glad I was able to share that time with her. I wish her and Chase all the happiness in the world.

Savannah had a great time at the reception. There was a live band, and Jon said she "tore up the dance floor" with the other little flower girl. I wish I'd had him shoot a video.

We left the cabin early Sunday morning and headed to Mimi's house where we had a pre-birthday party for Savy. Mimi let her pick her own cake this year.

She blew out all her candles, so her wish should come true...

She got lots of presents.

It was a busy weekend. We enjoyed visiting with family, but we are so glad to be home.


Jennifer said...

Savy was such a beautiful flower girl!

Nanny said...

Savy was so beautiful at the wedding. My feelings are still hurt that you didn't get to see the ceremony, and Savy as a flower girl. I know she did good. We were so glad to see you, Jon, Savy, and Scarlett at the birthday party. I really enjoyed getting to hold little Scarlett a lot. She is precious. I can still see that little smile. Savy really enjoyed pappy! We love you!!

TheresainMS said...

The prettiest flower girl ever! Wish you'd been able to see her in the ceremony; what a bummer! She's a lovely girl with a lovely mother. I am really looking forward to seeing y'all soon.

Big hugs!!


Ann said...

Savy made a great flower girl. I lover her dress!