Tuesday, November 10, 2009

One Towel, Two Babies

One of these is a pic of Savy as a baby, and the other is Scarlett in the same towel. Can you tell which is which?

Most everyone thinks Scarlett looks just like Savy did when she was a baby, but I really don't think so. They both have those beautiful blue eyes (just like their daddy's), but other than that I think they look very different.

I caught Savannah doing a puppet show for Scarlett this afternoon...she is such a good big sister!

But even the best big sis can get a little jealous now and then....I took these pics of Savy while I was shooting Scarlett in the towel. She was terribly upset that Scarlett was getting attention right at that moment.


Jennifer said...

I definitely think they look different!

Nanny said...

We think they look different too.
They are both beautiful though. Savy looked so pitiful in the pictures where her feelings were hurt. But she really loves her little sister. She was entertaining her with the puppets, and Scarlett was really watching her too. You can already see the love between them.