Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Day After Halloween

Savy really racked up on candy Halloween night. I had to hide her bag of candy, which made her quite upset. She was wandering around the house calling "caaannndddyy", much like a zombie lurching around moaning "brraains" in one of those bad 'Living Dead movies.

Savy has a weird thing about candy. She loves candy, but she doesn't necessarily want to eat it all at once. She likes to open every single piece and play with it. She leaves little piles of candy and wrappers all around the house for me to clean up.

Speaking of zombies, Jon bought this poster for me...isn't it great?

Our microwave died last week, so Friday night we bought a new one. Jon installed it for me Sunday.

Here are a couple of random pics of Savy from last week.

And Scarlett taking a quick nap in her crib this morning.

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Nanny said...

Nice microwave! I like the pictures of Savy and Scarlett. Scarlett has actually changed since we last saw her. She is so pretty. That Savy is a special little girl also. All the mischevious little things she does just makes her more precious and displays her little sweet personality. You have two precious little girls. You are blessed!!