Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I had a pretty productive day. I dropped Savy off at school this morning, then came home and got started cleaning. I managed to get the bathroom cleaned, floors vacuumed, ceiling fans cleaned (which required climbing a ladder), kitchen floor mopped, and I shampooed the rug. If that wasn't good enough, I also washed and ironed laundry, and I cooked two casseroles for our freezer stash. And I did it all while taking care of Scarlett. I'm getting good at this!

Just to give you guys a glimpse of how hard it is to get Savy to go to bed sometimes, here's a great example. Jon helped her brush her teeth and put on her pajamas tonight, then he put her to bed and turned out the lights. It wasn't long before he called me to "come see what Savy's doing."

She got into the drawer where I keep her "dress-up" toys - tutu, crown, grass skirt, lei pom-poms...and she put every one of them on and proceeded to jump on the bed. She's a ballerina, hula-girl, cheerleader, princess.

Jon's turning the light on and off in the video so you can see the flashing lights on her lei.


TheresainMS said...

This made my day!!! I envy Savy her imagination; why limit yourself to only being one when you can be all?! Have a great day!!!

mimi said...

Go Savy!!!

Anonymous said...

So I guess you are ready to have some company? Savy was very creative in her costumes. I think that would make a great trick or treating outfit. Krista

Nanny said...

Savy looks so beautiful on that picture that I printed it off to show Faye. She looks precious. She can cheer too!!! There will never be another little Savy. She is so special. I know Scarlett will be just as special, we just haven't gotten to know her yet. We loved the pictures of Savy and Scarlett.