Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Big Backyard

We visited the big backyard today at the Botanic Gardens with Suzie, Abby and Zoe. Savy had a great time...we'll definitely be going back there. When we first walked in, we saw these flower "beds" cute is that?

This row of tiny houses was fun.

This one was Savy's favorite. There are drumsticks and all kinds of things to beat on inside...very noisy.

There was a little snack bar in this house. Out front are scarecrow type things. The wooden boxes hold clothes so the kids can dress the figures.

Off to the side was a little shaded picnic area. There were metal ants crawling up the trees, and a giant spiderweb...see the spider dangling over it.

This is a giant bird house with a swinging bridge, slide, and probably all sorts of other stuff inside. I didn't make it in there...Suzie watched Savy while I took a break to feed Scarlett.

There was a creek for the kids to wade in.

This is Suzie's reaction to Zoe lying down in the water and getting soaked. Savy wasn't far behind.

No matter, though. They would've gotten soaked anyway from the "thunderstorm." When you hear thunder coming from the speakers, you can expect a rainstorm soon after. I'm so glad Suzie warned me to bring Savy a change of clothes!

I think the koi pond was Savy's favorite. These fish were not afraid of people at all. We fed them all sorts of snacks.

Here's Savy right after they splashed her while fighting over some cracker crumbs.

And the finale...a beautiful swan came to visit. I can't remember it's name right now.

Savy and Scarlett on the way out.

We had a wonderful time. This is really a great place to spend the afternoon, and it's free on Wednesdays. Thanks for inviting us, Suzie!


Anonymous said...

That does look like a cool place to go. It may be spring before I get a chance to bring the boys up there. But definitely on my to do list. Krista

TheresainMS said...

What a fun place! Wish my grandkids were closer so we could check that place out. Glad y'all had a good time; looks like anyone would have a good time there.