Friday, December 2, 2011

The Wedding Dress Project

Has another year passed already? It seems like just a little while ago that I was doing the photos for this project LAST year!

For anyone who doesn't know what the wedding dress project is, every year around Christmas I take photos of the girls in my wedding dress. One day I'll make a collection of photos from each year so we can see the girls growing into the dress.

Here are this year's photos. I think next year I'll try to start a little earlier (while it's still warm) so we can take the photos outside for better lighting...didn't I say that same thing last year?

Savannah at 6 years old

scarlett 2 years old

I regret that I didn't think of doing this until Savannah was 3 years old...I really wish I had started when she was a newborn. Here are some of my favorites from past years.

Savannah at 3 years

4 years

5 years

Scarlett at 4 months old

and 16 months

They like playing dress-up, but they get tired of me taking pics pretty quick....then it's complain, whine, and complain some more until we're done. Hopefully one day they'll be glad I made them do it.


TheresainMS said...

I'm pretty certain they'll love having these when they're older. Great job and a very special and unique idea! The girls are growing so fast. I know 'Mimi' is looking forward to her upcoming visit. Enjoy the weekend!!

Christy said...

Thanks, Theresa. I'm sure she is...I know the girls can't wait til she gets here.