Saturday, December 31, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I'm just now getting around to sorting through our holiday photos. Here's one I took just before, Savy and Scarlett riding the train at Carriage Crossing after their Santa pics.

Christmas morning Savannah and Scarlett woke up to lots of goodies. I just love the look on Savannah's face when she first sees all her presents.

There was a very nice surprise from Santa...he couldn't get the whole playset inside, so he left the sliding board and a photo of the playset. This is a gift to be shared with our next door neighbors Abby and Zoe. They are going to have so much fun with this!

Scarlett was utterly amazed at the presents under the tree.

Scarlett loved her gift from Savannah. Savy picked it out all by herself....what a good big sis.

The stockings were stuffed.

Looks like Santa enjoyed the milk and cookies the girls left for him.

They loved the pretend grocery store I made for them. Santa must have known they would need a cash register to go with it.

Next it was off to Mimi's house for lunch and more presents.

Scarlett and Pappi being silly.

Savannah somehow managed to get ahold of Santa's list and started editing it for him. Pappi, Daddy, and I wound up on the naughty list. Mimi, Nanny, and Lee Otis made it on the nice list.

After Mimi's house, we went to Glen Allan to visit Jon's family. We had Christmas supper at Lesa's house. I didn't get too many pics there...mainly because we were all pretty exhausted by that time and the girls were sick of pictures. Here's one of the few...the girls eating dinner with Savy's new fijit friend which she declared the "best present ever."

The girls were so glad to see Granny Ruth, Aunt Lesa, Uncle Neil, Rose, Lindsey, and John Robert. Savannah was determined to shoot her new bb gun while we were there, but it rained the whole time. Finally, the sun came out on the morning we were leaving, and she got to shoot a few times.

We stopped in Greenville on the way home to visit with our friends John and Jennifer and their 2 kiddos Addie and Ethan. Granny Ruth came home with us to spend some time with the girls. We have really enjoyed having her here!

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