Thursday, December 15, 2011

Another Finished Project

This one was a Christmas gift for the girls, and I finally got around to finishing it today. If you don't count the time it took to paint it, I only spent about 4 hours building this. Last time I posted my progress, it looked like this


Plans are from Ana White's Grace's town collection. I made it a little taller than the plans called for...Savannah is pretty tall for her age. Building this actually took less time than painting it...I really hate painting. I spray painted some pre-cut wooden letters and glued them on to make the "market" sign.

View from the back

The only thing I would change if I ever build another one of these is I'd make the bin dividers straight instead of curved. I had a hard time cutting the curves evenly with the jig saw, and it was very difficult to sand them.

This can also double as a puppet theater, or Savannah will probably use it to play "TV" of her favorite pretend games. I may have to add some curtains to it.

Think they'll like it?

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