Tuesday, October 11, 2011

One Tree, Two Babies

Time for another comparison! We were in Glen Allan last weekend for our niece's wedding, and we stayed at Lesa's house. The girls love playing in her yard...especially picking up pecans under the trees.

Watching them play, I remembered that we took pics of Savannah in that tree when she was about 2 years old. So I stuck Scarlett up there and snapped her pic. I wish I'd thought of this before I left home...I could have brought that same outfit Savannah was wearing in the old pics.





She's grown so much!

Scarlett is not crying in this pic - she's got her face all scrunched up saying "cheese."

The girls had a great time at the rehearsal dinner. Savannah and Scarlett both danced up a storm! Here's Savy dancing with Rose....very blurry because it's an i-phone pic.

Scarlett found a friend to dance with too.

Savy and Scarlett with Lindsay before the wedding. Note Scarlett's scrunched up "cheeeeese" face again.

Savannah looked like such a little lady in her fist "little black dress." It's so sweet with the little bow at the waist and sequins around the neck. She's also wearing real pantyhose for the first time.

The reception was at the Highland Club. Savannah was super excited when she saw the dance floor!

All the kids immediately started dancing.

Beautiful place for the reception...you can see the lake behind Scarlett.

Lindsay and Todd's first dance

Scarlett got fussy, so we had to leave before the adults got inebriated enough to start dancing. I was so hoping to get Jon to dance just one slow dance with me!

We had brunch with everyone at the hunting lodge Sunday morning before we left for home. We ate on the rear balcony overlooking the water.

The girls enjoyed getting to visit with Granny Ruth, and we got to stop and see Uncle Bobby on the way home.

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