Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dog Days

Savannah's class is working on the letter D right now, so the students are allowed to bring their dogs to school. Savy was actually the first one to bring a dog (last Friday). She and Meaux stood at the front of the classroom while the other kids took turns petting him. Then there was a question and answer session.

Doesn't Meaux look so cute sitting there beside Savannah? He was very well-behaved - I was impressed.

Here is the finished bedroom project - my tv shelf. We moved out that huge tv armoire that didn't match anything else and replaced it with this...a nice floating single shelf.

Much better! That mini-fridge below is where I keep my copaxone syringes. It's much easier to control the temperature in this little fridge - that white thing on top of it is a digital thermometer that shows the temp inside. If the medication freezes (highly likely in our big fridge), it has to be sent back to the pharmacy. We keep some water bottles stashed in there too.

We just used L brackets to secure it to the wall (in studs, of course).

Now I'm off to the next project!

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