Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Fun

Savannah talked for WEEKS about wanting to be a vampire for Halloween. I didn't want to buy her costume too early, because she usually changes her mind about what she wants to be. But she kept begging me to go ahead and get a costume..."I PROMISE, Momma, I won't change my mind" I got her a vampire costume.

Then, guess what....

You're right...that's not a vampire. After I bought Scarlett's costume last weekend, Savy decided she wants to be Bat Girl instead. I took this pic Wednesday night before AWANA - it was "super hero night."

Thursday night was the Fall Fun Festival at Savannah's school. This is their version of the Halloween Carnival we used to have at Calhoun Academy when I was a kid. It wasn't quite as much fun as I remember ours being, but Savannah had a great time.

The Moon Bounce and Giant Slide were the highlights. We let Scarlett get in the smaller bouncer for little ones...she loved it.

Luckily, I pre-purchased an "unlimited giant slide" wristband for Savannah. I can't tell you how many times she went down this thing.

That's her right there on her way down. That thing was really steep!

Once Scarlett spotted Savannah on the giant slide, she had a fit to go on it too. She wants to do EVERYTHING her big sis does, and she is fearless... just like Savannah. She was absolutely heartbroken when I wouldn't let her slide. I try let her be independent and do what she wants most of the time, but she is just too young for the giant slide. I managed to distract her for awhile by taking her to the pre-K playground. Jon stayed with Savannah at the slide until she'd had her fill.

There were lots of games inside. Savy did just about everything there was to do.


Tic Tac Toe

She even went through the haunted house, but she wanted Jon to go through with her....even our fearless girl still needs her daddy sometimes.

Back home, showing off her face painting.

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