Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Vacation and Easter Pics

I know, I know...vacation and Easter...weeks ago! I've been so busy with the girls (Scarlett's been especially demanding lately), work, etc, so I'm a little late with the pics. I didn't take a lot of photos this time.

Vacation - Savy and Scarlett were pretty good on the drive to East TN. They were happy to just relax on the bed and watch cartoons while we unloaded the car.

First thing after checking in, we went to the Old Mill to buy duck food. Savannah and Pappi climbed down to the river for a better look - I love this pic of the two of them looking at the water.

Day 1 was Dollywood. Scarlett loved the antique cars...she even got to drive!

I was so disappointed that Savannah decided she was too big for the ducks, pigs, and bees this time. So I got to ride with Scarlett.

(Savy decided it was ok to ride the smaller rides with her little sis on Dollywood day 2.)

You're never too big for the carousel!

Savannah was tall enough to go on some new rides this time...she LOVED the Mountain Slidewinder. And, of course, she still loves the River Battle - we all got soaked to the bone.

Mingo falls day. Savy was excited about seeing real American Indians at Cherokee. She made a headdress out of a headband and a duck feather she found by the river...so creative!

The waterfall was beautiful - it's one of my favorites.

We had a great time, and the weather was nice while we were there. Jon wasn't so fortunate - I think he had storms here at home the whole time we were gone. The girls also ran down the batteries in all the flashlights before we left, so he was left in the dark for several hours when the power went out.

We got back just in time for Easter. We left our Easter baskets on the porch Saturday night, and Easter Bunny came bright and early Sunday morning to fill them with goodies.

This was Scarlett's first time hunting Easter eggs...she loves it almost as much as Savannah does.

Scarlett's face is all scrunched up because she's saying "cheeeeeeese" - so cute how she does that whenever you point a camera at her now.

Easter Bunny even hid a few eggs in our little vegetable garden.

Inspecting the loot.

Chocolate carrots - Savy's favorite!

We had some VERY wound-up little girls after all that candy!

Here's what Jon did while we were gone all week...new play area for the girls. The grass would never grow very well here, and this spot was always muddy. Jon put down very thick landscape fabric, made a stone border, and filled it in with gravel. It's perfect for the sand and water table and the mudpie maker.

Savy and Scarlett love their new play area. Now I wish it would stop raining so they could play outside!

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