Sunday, September 2, 2012

Scarlett's Birthday And Other Stuff

I have a ton of pics to post...just can't seem to keep on top of the blog. I'll start with these cute photos of Savannah helping Scarlett learn to ride a bike. Scarlett can't wait until she can ride a bike just like her big sis.

Savy had to give her a little push going uphill.

On Scarlett's actual birthday (back on July 31st), I took the girls to the Memphis Botanic Garden. The last time we went there, Scarlett was too young to play...she was still confined to the stroller. This time both girls had a ball.

At the entrance to My Big Backyard

This was new...a CandyLand themed garden

This playhouse was new too.

All the older playhouses are still just as fun.

This chicken coop was new, complete with a toy chicken inside.

Savannah showing Scarlett the rolly-pollies she found in the nesting box.

Through the wormhole

Dressing up the scarecrows

Big bird's nest with wings to turn little girls...

...into baby birds.

This was the first time I've ever gone into the huge birdhouse. They had this display of bird eggs...very cool.

Wading in the creek and waiting for a thunderstorm to start

Our last stop was the Japanese garden to feed the swan and koi.

Daddy met us at Red Robin for a birthday lunch. Here's Scarlett getting the last bit of her complimentary birthday sundae.

A birthday present from Savannah

We had Scarlett's party the following Saturday.

Mimi & Pappi and Jon and I went in together to get her a big girl 4-wheeler.

Savannah started first grade last month! She picked this dress for her 1st day of school outfit.

I've made a few changes to Scarlett's room.

We got her name painted when we were in New Orleans, and Mimi had it framed and matted for her.

I painted her old nightstand silver.

I keep her favorite purple dress hanging here where she can reach it so she can try it on any time she wants. Otherwise, we're having to constantly get it out of the closet for her.

That's all least for now!

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