Sunday, September 16, 2012

First Soccer Game For Fall

Savannah's team had their first fall soccer game yesterday, and they won 5-2. Savy played goalie first.

Blocking some goals during warm-up

Prayer before the game

Our first goal

Scarlett brought her binoculars...she wanted to make sure she had a good view of big sis.

Scarlett's new friend

I finished another project this weekend. Just after Scarlett was born, I turned the hallway between the girls' bedrooms into a mini-library. Here's an old pic of how it looked.

Not too long ago, Scarlett started taking the books off the shelves. When she tore several pages out of Savannah's favorite book, I gave up and just took them down.

I didn't want to leave the wall bare, though, so I built something else there instead. Now the girls have a place to hang all the stuff that usually gets dropped by the back door.

Perfect place to hang photos of the girls taken by super talented photographer friend Jennifer Tibbetts.

Now it's time to get started building the girls' Christmas present.

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