Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Girl's Best Friend

Savannah has been taking an interest in jewelry lately. Last week she insisted on wearing her "pearls" to AWANA. Tonight for AWANA, she had to wear a necklace, two bracelets, and this huge "diamond" ring...I don't even remember where she got this.

A few people have asked about my new eating habits lately. I'll try to start posting more recipes that I've tried and liked for those of you who are looking for meal ideas. This was tonight's dinner.

Grilled "cheese" and turkey with tomato panini and sauteed asparagus.

As I said before, I haven't gone vegan yet...I still eat chicken and turkey every now and then. However, I do my best to make certain the meat I do eat is free of hormones, antibiotics, harmful preservatives, etc. The bread is REAL whole grain bread...not the kind that says it's whole grain but really isn't. The "cheese" is Dayia...LOVE that stuff! I put some Earth Balance spread on the bread and sprinkled with a little garlic salt, then grilled the sandwiches on the George Foreman (just as good as a panini press).

Fresh asparagus sauteed lightly in olive oil, minced garlic, and lemon juice and sprinkled with Kosher salt (could also use sea salt). This is so good!

Jon taught Savannah to tie her shoes tonight.

She is so proud of herself!

She still has a little trouble tying them while they're actually on her feet, so she's got to practice that. We promised her a special surprise when she's proficient at it. The surprise? I'm going to build her a platform stage and cover it with laminate wood flooring. Along with that, she'll get a karaoke player, microphones with stands, and some sort of spotlight/dance lights. I got the idea from Lisa...Savy had such a great time at Maeson's "rock star" party.


Nanny said...

Where do you find dayia cheese and
kosher salt. Do you think I could
eat that kind of cheese? Cheddar and stuff gives me upset stomach. I want to fix Lee Ottis and me some of that asparagus. We have been trying to eat healthy on my cooking since his hospital stay.

Christy said...

I've only found Daiya at Whole Foods. It's non-dairy.