Sunday, November 7, 2010

Savy's Almost Birthday Party

Savy's birthday is on Wednesday, but we had her party at Mimi's house today. Savannah was up at 6:30 this morning...she was a little excited. After a brief trip to the emergency room, we headed for Mimi's house. Oh, come on - you guys know we can't let too much time pass without a visit to the good old ER!

The girls had to play with (scatter out) all the toys Mimi keeps at her house. Scarlett especially liked this little dancing bear and danced along with him many, many times.

Savannah attacked Pappi with the dart gun.

Then Savy opened presents.

Scarlett got a little present of her own.

Then it was time for birthday hats and cake.

Mimi took care of the cake - Hello Kitty, just as Savannah requested.

Nanny did the sacred birthday chant...

...just kidding. She wasn't really chanting...she's just putting on her birthday hat and I caught her in mid-sentence with her eyes closed.

Way to go Savy...she blew out all the candles!

And here's our family photo. It took a few tries to get one where everyone was looking at (or at least in the general direction of) the camera.

After cake and ice cream, Savannah forced Pappi to rake all the leaves in the back yard into a big pile so she could run and dive into it.

We had a great day! It's only a little longer before we get to the REAL party - DISNEYWORLD!!!

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