Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Savy!!!

My baby girl is five years old today. Since we already did gifts and a real cake at Mimi's last weekend, Savy just wanted to bake using her new Easy-Bake kit today. We tried it out Sunday night, but our fist attempt wasn't too great. It was pretty pitiful, actually - even Savy said (with a very long face) "We made the worstest cakes in the world." We did much better today! They tasted good and were even pretty.

I wish I could say the same for our cookies....

Oh well, practice make perfect...right?

Happy birthday to my dear, sweet Savannah. She is such a wonderful gift, and her birth marked another of the most important days of my life - the day I became a mother. She is the most remarkable little person I've ever met.

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Nanny said...

She sure is a remarkable little person. She is precious!! She has the sweetest little personality!! She is a joy in all our lives. Tell her nanny thought about her on her real birthday.