Thursday, June 13, 2013

It Finally Happened!

Savannah has some exciting news! But first, I need to post these pics....I've been meaning to for a month now, and I know some people who are dying to see them. Our wonderfully talented photographer friend, Jennifer Tibbetts, visited this spring and took some awesome photos! I'm not patient enough to wait for ALL of them to upload, though, so I'm going to just post my absolute favorite ones.

Ok, now for the big news. Savannah lost her first tooth!

Actually, TWO teeth. She has waited and waited and WAITED to lose a tooth. We checked fairly often, but never found any loose teeth. I noticed one night that her two bottom adult teeth were just starting to come in behind her baby teeth. Since they were coming in behind and not from below, the baby teeth weren't loose at all. So she had to go to the dentist and have them pulled. She was so brave and didn't cry at all.

Since Savannah waited SO LONG (she's 7 1/2!) AND had to have them pulled, the Tooth Fairy gave her something extra special for losing her first two teeth.

Here's a shot of the new and improved fairy door. Scarlett broke the door off the old one, so Tooth Fairy got a new door in a new location that's out of Scarlett's reach.

I snapped this pic of the girls playing the other day. We're going to Rosemary Beach again this summer (YAY!). The girls can't wait to go, so they were playing "beach." The tan blanket is the sand, and the pink is the water (we don't have a blue one). Savannah is rubbing sunblock on Scarlett...always the concerned big sister.

Notice Ariel is sunbathing must be a European beach....

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