Friday, July 13, 2012

New Pool

Our friend, Robin, has a rather large inflatable pool that Savannah and Scarlett love to swim in whenever they go to her house. So when Jon found one on sale at Toys R Us, he picked one up for us. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but we had NO idea what we were getting into. I won't go into details (don't want to relive the nightmare!), but I can say I don't think I've ever hated an inanimate object as much as I hated this pool while we were trying to set it up.

I think the box said something like "ready to swim in 3 hours." This sucker took us 3 weeks to set up! In our defense, we did have to go out of town a couple of times during that period, but still....3 weeks! We ran into numerous problems, the worst of which was figuring out how to get an almost perfectly level spot to put it.

Now that the set-up is complete, the girls are really enjoying their new pool. It's just big enough for Savy to actually practice swimming in.

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