Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone! The Easter Bunny sneaked into our yard sometime early this morning and hid eggs for the girls. Savannah was awake and ready to hunt eggs bright and early this morning. Jon and I talked her into letting Scarlett sleep just a little longer. The hunt was on as soon as Scarlett woke up.

We left the baskets on the front porch last night so the Easter Bunny could fill them with goodies. I love this pic of Scarlett peeking out the window for her first look at the Easter baskets.

Lots of goodies

Easter Bunny had some new hiding places this time.

Checking out each others' eggs

The girls each got a tiny little bunny cage with two adorable chocolate bunnies inside.

Scarlett thought they were too cute to eat.

She fed them one of her chocolate carrots....what else would chocolate bunnies eat?

Opening eggs

Jon and I had asked the Easter Bunny not to bring SOOOO MUCH candy this year. So in addition to a few favorite candies, the girls got small toys and bubbles in their baskets. Some of the eggs even had money inside instead of candy!

Scarlett didn't care too much about the money eggs...she was much more excited about the gummies candies. She actually gave Savannah the money, and Savannah gave Scarlett all the gummmies in return.

The girls had a great time hunting eggs and stuffing themselves with candy. I've enjoyed my week off so much, but it's back to work tomorrow.

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Miriam said...

So cute! That first photo of Scarlett is just adorable! Beautiful girls!